What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a form of crochet that originates from Japan and translates to ‘crocheted (or knitted) stuffed doll’. It is quite easy to pick up as it mostly just uses one stitch, the double crochet (known as the single crochet in the US). The stitches are worked in the round, rather than in rows.

What is working in the round?

Working in the round means just that, working around in a tube shape without turning. In amigurumi we work in a continuous spiral without joining the end of the round to the first stitch with a slip stitch. This method means there is no visible seam, but it does mean you need to use a stitch marker or scrap yarn so you know where each round starts. Armed with just a simple stitch with some increasing and decreasing (stitches) you can make all manner of shapes whether it be for a doll or animal.

Who are Make me Roar?

We are a husband and wife team living in Eastbourne on the South Coast of the UK with our two wonderful children. I (Kate) am the crochet & amigurumi addict who develops all the designs. Martin is a graphic designer who makes everything else non-crochet look awesome.

I started my craft business in 2008 when I made a sock monkey for my boss who had just gone on maternity leave. I then discovered sock monsters and thought that they would be far more interesting to make. I then thought I'm sure other people would love to make these, so my first patterns were created and that's when we opened the online store.

The name 'Make Me Roar' was born when we created the range of sock monster making kits. We love to encourage people to 'MAKE' and our designs are bold, colourful and like to 'ROAR!'

When I was pregnant in 2011 with my first child I came down with a really bad case of flu, but this actually had an upside - I was able to finally sit and learn what I'd always wanted to learn - crochet. I fell in love with crochet immediately. At first I kept it simple, with a blanket for each new member of the family. But after branching out into soft toys for my little ones, I thought, I can design something like this. So I did. And I found I was actually pretty good at it.

The highlight of my crochet career so far has got to be when I was selected to compete on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas! You can read all about the day here.


What is unique about Make me Roar patterns?

At Make me Roar we pride ourselves in creating patterns that are extremely detailed and clearly written with lots of step by step photography. We never assume someone already knows how to do a certain technique, so even the more complex patterns, beginners should be able to have a 
go at.

Most of our patterns are designed so that they can crocheted all in one piece (from the feet up), so there is very little sewing required at the end - win win!

  • All our patterns include: 
    List of yarn used, hook size and all other tools required to make the item.
    List of abbreviations used within the pattern.
    Detailed description on any non-standard stitches used.
    Step by step photographs (apart from very simple patterns).
    Help at the end of an email if you get stuck!